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Hobart Bay: Alaska's Smallest Community

Set in a beautiful bay 70 miles south of Juneau, this little community grew up as a logging camp. In 1990, the population was about 40 people. Most, if not all, worked at the camp. Until 1998, there were enough families living and working at the camp to have a school.


The 2000 Census showed only three people still living at Hobart Bay. The estimate for 2008 was down to one person. Everyone left when the logging camp closed. The person left is taking care of the property.


This is the story of a number of communities in Alaska. Sometimes it was gold that brought people to a place. Other times, it was logging or fishing. In the 2000 Census, Alaska had seven communities with fewer than 10 people.



Can you find the seven communities in Alaska with fewer than 10 people? Do you think those numbers will change with the 2010 Census?



Gallery of Images

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Small islet in Hobart Bay on the east side of Stephens Passage

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Log raft in Hobart Bay. The small community was once a thriving logging camp.

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