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Ice skating

Ice skating is the sport of gliding across ice, both indoors and outdoors. An ice skater wears laced boots with blades. By leaning and bending the knees the skater puts pressure on the edges of the blades for control. While the beginning ice skater may learn the basics—how to skate forward and how to stop—the competitive figure skater jumps, spins, and performs other tricks on ice.

Figure skaters compete individually, which is called singles, or with a partner, which is called pair skating. The goal is to execute certain moves in front of judges. Some aspects of a skater’s performance might include jumps, step sequences (like dancing), lifts for pair skating, and spirals (where skaters hold one leg high above the hip while skating). A figure skater’s total score is reduced by a fall or an error. Because of the complexity of the performance elements, ice skating is an artistic, disciplined sport.

"Stay focused on what you are doing and try and stay balanced and in control."
- Alana C. 

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When I go out on the ice, I just think about my skating. I forget it is a competition.
- Katarina Witt
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