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Springtail Ecology Card 
A small, wingless insect with chewing mouthparts

Thrip Ecology Card 
Tiny winged or wingless long-bodied insect

True Bug Ecology Card 
Front wings thick, colored, and hardened near body

Water Boatman Ecology Card 
Aquatic insect with four long legs used for swimming

Grasshopper Ecology Card 
Insect with large hind legs for jumping

Louse Ecology Card 
Small, wingless insect with sucking or chewing mouthparts

Lacewing Ecology Card 
Green or brown insect with large, clear wings

Carrion Beetle Ecology Card 
Large, round-bodied insect with thickened front wings

Ground Beetle Ecology Card 
Dark, flattened insect with thick front wings

Water Strider Ecology Card 
Insect with body and long legs covered with stiff, waterproof hair

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