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Find a Team

So you've found a sport that interests you. What's the next step?

Explore these links to see the events and competitions that are happening across the state. Some of the websites listed contain the contact information for facilities, teams, and coaches. Other links provide tournament dates, statistics, and game scores. If you can't find information about a particular sport in your area, be sure to phone your local Parks & Recreation department, athletic club, Boys & Girls Club, or school district!

The Municipality of Anchorage has links to football, golf, gymnastics, hiking, hockey, ice skating, running, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, soccer, swimming, tennis, volleyball, and more. Contains information for Anchorage residents and for those who live across the state!   

The Parks & Recreation of Juneau has a schedule of current sporting events and a list of different sports and activities available to Juneau residents. Trails and parks are also provided for hikers.

This website
lists sports organizations and youth programs for kids who live in Fairbanks.

A monthly schedule of games and activities is provided by the Nome Recreation Center. Swimming pool information is also given.

The Outdoor Recreation and Sports Facilities in Kenai are listed here. Find information for baseball and softball, fishing, golf, ice skating, skiing, soccer, volleyball, and more!

Explore rankings and statistics for Alaska football and basketball here.

This site contains contact information for the Alaska Native Sports Association.

The Alaska School Activities Association has links for students across Alaska. Check out the teams that are competing at your school!

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