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Hiking is a perfect choice for getting outdoors to see Alaska's amazing landscape. Anchorage has numerous hiking trails -- usually described in trail guides as easy, medium, or difficult. Trails vary in difficulty depending on the length, incline, and terrain of the trail. Outdoor supply stores carry maps and trail books that describe hiking routes. 

To be safe and stay comfortable while hiking, it is important to be properly equipped.  For easy to moderate day hikes, wear layered clothing and comfortable hiking shoes, and carry bear spray and water. Additional hiking gear, such as tents, sleeping bags, cookware, and water purifiers (often carried in a pack), is necessary for more difficult and overnight backpacking trips.  While hiking, always remember not to leave garbage on the trail.

Hiking provides a good cardiovascular work-out and helps build endurance. It can be a relaxing way to exercise, but it can also be very challenging. In Alaska, several hiking events and races are held during the summer.

"Stay under control when going downhill so that you don't start to slide."
- Ted S.

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I did it. I said I’ll do it, and I’ve done it.
- Emma Gatewood

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