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Cross Country Running

Cross-country running is both a recreational and a competitive sport. At the high school level, cross-country running competitions, called "meets," take place between a number of teams. Each team enters several runners in the race. The races, often held on golf courses or in parks, are usually five kilometers in length, and points are awarded to the teams based on the finishing positions of their individual runners. All the runners line up and start simultaneously. The team with the most points wins the meet.

Cross-country running is also done for relaxation and as a means of training for other sports. Running clubs exist both in schools at the secondary and collegiate levels, and often in towns and communities. Many cities offer public cross-country races, often associated with various holidays or philanthropic causes. These races usually feature different categories separated by age and gender, and range in length from a few miles to a marathon, which is just more than 26 miles.

Regular running and jogging is an excellent way to maintain a healthy body and can be a lifelong activity. Runners should take care to stretch thoroughly before and after exercising, allow for adequate recovery time, and replace running shoes at regular intervals of 350-500 miles to avoid injury. 

"Keep your breath even. When you’re going up extra steep hills just focus on picking your knees up."
- Kate B.

Get active! - Find a team.

To give anything less than the best is to sacrifice the Gift.
- Steve Prefontaine

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