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Wolf Ecology Card 
Large, doglike mammal with sharp teeth; long bushy tail; long legs

Wolverine Ecology Card 
Furbearing mammal; brown with white stripes on sides

Coyote Ecology Card 
Doglike mammal with large, sharply pointed ears

Muskrat Ecology Card 
Brownish rodent; long, naked tail, flattened side to side with short hairs

Mink Ecology Card 
Mammal with large canine teeth; a long, slender body

Least Weasel Ecology Card 
Small furbearing mammal with a long tail; turns white in winter

Lynx Ecology Card 
Medium-sized mammal in the cat family; large feet, short tail

River Otter Ecology Card 
Furbearing mammal with large canine teeth; long, slender body

Ermine (Short-Tailed Weasel) Ecology Card 
Small, furbearing mammal with sharp teeth; turns white in winter

Beaver Ecology Card 
Medium-sized mammal with long incisors; webbed feet

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