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Pine Grosbeak Ecology Card 
Medium-sized bird with a stout, cone-shaped bill; males are red

Common Redpoll Ecology Card 
Small bird wtih red spot on forehead, stout body, cone-shaped bill

Gray-Crowned Rosy Finch Ecology Card 
Small bird with pinkish-brown on wings and lower belly

Pine Siskin Ecology Card 
Small bird with stout, cone-shaped bill; yellow on the wings and at base of tail

Crossbill Ecology Card 
Medium-sized bird with slightly forked tail; bill crosses at tip

Northern Shrike Ecology Card 
Medium-sized, gray bird with black mask; sharply hooked bill

Bohemian Waxwing Ecology Card 
Medium-sized light brown bird with crest on head

Water Pipit Ecology Card 
Small, ground-dwelling bird with slender bill

Lapland Longspur Ecology Card 
Small bird; breeding male has black crown, face, and breast

Snow Bunting Ecology Card 
Small white bird with long black and white wings

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