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Mountain Goat Ecology Card 
Hoofed mammal with long, white hair on body and legs

Caribou Ecology Card 
Moderately sized, hoofed mammal with short ears and tail; mane on neck

Dall Sheep Ecology Card 
Mammal with dense, white fur and sharp hooves

Musk Ox Ecology Card 
Large, stocky mammal with long, dense fur

Sitka Black-Tailed Deer Ecology Card 
Small, hoofed mammal with long legs; reddish brown fur; black tail

Brown Bear Ecology Card 
Heavyset mammal with short tail; long snout

Moose Ecology Card 
Large, hoofed mammal with long legs and long, drooping nose; large, palmate antlers on males in fall.

Black Bear Ecology Card 
Large mammal with brown, black, or blue-gray fur; brown muzzle; short claws; sharp teeth

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